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5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes in the Summer
It’s finally summertime!  That means UV rays are at full force, and your eyes will be exposed to them more often as we spend more time outside over the next few months.  Read on for different ways to ensure your eyes are protected during the summer season.

  1. Wear sunglasses with UV protection

    Ultraviolet radiation can be damaging to your eyes, we all know this already.  UVR comes directly from the sun, and can be reflected off of surfaces like sand and water.  Make sure that the pair of sunglasses you purchase offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  This is important because it can help prevent conditions like photokeratitis or photo conjunctivitis.  Continual exposure without protection may also cause conditions like cataracts, pterygium, or skin cancer of the eyelids.

  2. Use goggles at the pool

    Try to avoid opening your eyes underwater, as the chlorine can be damaging to your eyes.  To better protect yourself, we suggest wearing goggles to provide an extra barrier of protection against these harsh chemicals.

  3. Keep washing your hands

    This is something we’ve all heard for months, but it’s a good practice to follow year-round.  The best way to protect yourself from the spread of a disease like conjunctivitis (aka pink eye) is to wash your hands regularly.

  4. Wear hats

    Although sunglasses provide some protection, adding a hat as an extra barrier is recommended in order to protect against UVR to your eyes and eyelids. We suggest wearing a hat with a brim 3 inches wide or more to provide this additional protection. Who said a sunglasses & hat combo can’t be fashionable?

  5. Use eye drops

    Utilizing eye drops can help to minimize pain and dryness that may occur more often during the summer months.  You might be more prone to this especially if you have recently had an eye surgery or other type of procedure causing your eyes to be more sensitive to sunlight.  If you have seasonal allergies that make your eyes feel dry, you may also benefit from using eye drops.

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